New migration and blade features coming to Laravel 5.3

Taylor Otwell announced two new features coming to Laravel 5.3 on twitter today.  You will be able to roll back one migration at a time and you will have access to the $loop variable in blade foreach loops.

Rolling back one migration at a time

This new feature will come in handy when one of your migrations fail for some reason. You will be able to use it this way:

php artisan migrate:rollback --step=1

Blade $loop variable

In blade foreach loops you will have access to a $loop variable, it will allow you to do things like this, but knowing Taylor there will be a lot more available.

@foreach($users as $user)
        <!-- First iterartion -->
        <!-- Last iteration -->

Code credits go to Taylor Otwell & Laravel php

Laravel 5.3 – Multiple Migration Paths

A awesome new feature coming to Laravel 5.3 is the ability to have multiple migration paths.

This feature comes in handy for all package developers and of course for all package users. Currently when a package wants to use migrations you have to use php artisan migrate to run your own migrations and php artisan migrate –provider”Package\ServiceProvider” to migrate package migration files.

Once Laravel 5.3 has been released you will be able to register multiple migrations paths like this:


from in a service provider for example. The end user can now migrate all the migrations while only using php artisan migrate. There is no need to look all the providers up to migrate package migrations.