Automate Composer self-updates

At These Days, the company I work for, we deploy our projects to our dev & staging servers through Slack. We developed a application that takes api calls from Slack slash commands to deploy these projects.

So we don’t ssh manually that much anymore to these servers. It speeds up our workflow but we noticed that we didn’t ran composer self-update that often anymore.

A quick tip so you don’t have to worry about it anymore is to setup a cronjob, we run it every morning at 6 o’clock, that runs this command for us. So no need to worry about that anymore. published a tutorial a few days ago where in they explain how you can do this for your servers. So I suggested you to check that post.

I’m also writing a more in depth post about our Slack deploy tool so be sure to come back to check out how and why we build this tool. I also gave a talk about our workflow at the March PHP Antwerp meetup.