Laravel share package

When building websites you most likely have social share buttons on your pages, adding them can be a repetitive task. This Laravel share package solves this issue.

After following the installation instructions you can add social share buttons to your page like this.


You can generate one share link, but you can also generate all available services at once, just by chaining the service names.

Share::page('', 'Share title')
    ->linkedin('Extra linkedin summary can be passed here');

At the time of this writing the following services are available:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin

The source code can be found on Github and the package is installable through composer.

  • Good stuff. I am using your package in my upcoming website. Thanks.

    • Joren Van Hocht


  • Oluikpe Joshua

    How can I add images to twitter share

  • Stefano Finetti

    Hi. This is an awesome class to use. I have only one question: how can I load bigger icons for the various social? On my page the are very very small and vertically placed, while I’d like to have them a bit bigger and all on one single line.
    I didn’t found any way to avoid the tags or changing the size.