Blogify the Laravel blog package

Blogify is a blog package made for Laravel,

I created Blogify last year as my final project for school. The reason why I choose to create a package, is that the Laravel community had given so much resources to me and I wanted to give something back.

But why a blog package and not something else?

During my internship I saw that there where a lot of projects that where build a long time ago and suddenly needed a blog and because one of those projects was custom and was based on Laravel we had to write a whole new feature, no big deal but when i asked around it seemed like this happend more often then I expected.

I inspired my whole backend styling on WordPress, it’s the most used blog system in the world so there should be a good reason to do it on a different way.

The WordPress way works and most bloggers know where to search for general things.

But why should u choose Blogify over WordPress? Blogify is designed for developers who love custom build tools and want to integrate a simple blog without using WordPress. And it’s still as easy as managing a WordPress blog.

Eventually I graduated and got nice grades (15/20) for the Blogify package, a very excited Jury and a mention in the Laravel-news newsletter. But then I started working and Blogify did not get the love it needed, unsolved issues, the installation process did not work anymore and 2 new versions of Laravel where released but Blogify was still where it was a year ago.

Last week I started thinking …. the project where I put so much time in was just sitting there somewhere on the web, such a sad story.

So I decided to give Blogify the love it deserved and I migrated the code base over to Laravel 5.2 and solved the issues so users could install it smoothly again.

Make sure to check out this awesome package and spread the word so that I can actually give something back to the community.